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Florry Creative Care is made up of a diverse team that has combined decades of experience in the assisting living and home care industries. From our owner down to each of our caregivers, our team is dedicated to consistent excellence. Learn more about our team members and how they make Florry Creative Care special for your family.

Cherry Hallback


Cherry Hallback is the owner of Florry Creative Care which was formed in 2006. Her career has been in the areas of government, social work, and teaching.  She’s very passionate about serving and helping others which allows her to love what she does. In her spare time, Cherry enjoys taking road trips with her grandchildren, trading options on the stock market, and baking her famous Strawberry Cake for special occasions.

Pandora Hallback

Human Resource Specialist

I am the Human Resources Specialist at Florry Creative Care. I love helping others and knowing that I’m providing the opportunity for someone to work in the profession that they’re trained for. In my spare time, I enjoy doing arts and crafts, making face masks, and spending time with my granddaughter.

Yaribeth Olan

Human Resource Manager

Yaribeth “Yari” Olan is our dedicated Human Resources Manager. Yari has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Design and over 15 years of administrative experience in areas such as office management, policies and procedures, and accounting. She aids in the development and implementation of the company’s policies and procedures; manages and oversees the credentialing of all medical staff. With her outgoing and rambunctious personality, Yari assists in recruiting quality caregivers for the organization. Yari motivates her colleagues and employees with her infectious smile and positive attitude. During her leisure time, Yari is a full-time student, mother, and wife. She is pursuing her master’s in human resources management. The rest of her free time is dedicated to her family.

Pandora Hallback

Human Resource & Office Manager

As the Human Resources and Office Manager at Florry Creative Care, I love helping others and knowing that I’m providing the opportunity for someone to work in the profession that they’re trained for. In my spare time, I enjoy arts and crafts, making face masks, and spending time with my granddaughter.

Ashley Blue

Credentialing Specialist

My passion for recruiting can be traced back to my pre professional days. Whether as a member of my high school student club admissions team or working in my college admissions department. Since the beginning I’ve always enjoyed helping people and getting them excited about the things I’m excited about and these days it’s all things medical!  Outside of the office, I prepare students to take Florida’s Certified Nursing Assistant Exam to obtain their license as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Working with Florry as the Credentialing Specialist, I am committed to making your experience with the company as enjoyable as possible.

Lara Woodard

Scheduling Coordinator and Billing Specialist

As the Scheduling Coordinator and Billing Specialist I love helping all members of my team, whether I’m assisting on a project or creating a schedule that bests fits our clients and caregivers. With 25 years of Customer Service Experience and 7 years of Medical Administration I’m passionate about helping our clients receive the care that they need to continue living independently. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, being a soccer mom to my teen athlete, and spending time with my grandchildren.

Michelle Ladner


I was born and raised in Casco, Maine and moved down to Florida for college. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration with Certification in Long Term Care and Electronic Healthcare Records. I am currently a Recruiter for Florry Creative Care.

Kaylene Shomber

Billing Specialist

Kaylene Shomber is our devoted Billing Specialist. Kaylene comes to us with a decade of diverse professional background of office administration and a strong knowledge of computers. Kaylene works closely with the office manager assisting with various tasks such as payroll, financial reports from insurance companies, and other administrative duties. As the first point of contact, Kaylene provides professional and quality customer service. She approaches all aspects of the office with  an open mindset and tranquil demeanor. During her leisure time, Kaylene enjoys her hobby farm, and going to the movies, Most of all , she loves spending quality time with her daughter and their dogs.   

Pearl M. Hunter

Registered Nurse

Pearl M. Hunter is one of our dedicated and compassionate Registered Nurse with over 4 decades of experience in a variety of medical settings and a broad range of medical conditions. She is also capable of motivating and inspiring her colleagues with a positive attitude as well as lending a helping hand when needed. Pearl, armed with extensive knowledge and expertise, trains, and advises our caregivers on patient care edicts, protocols, and procedures. She also provides excellent patient care to our residents and clients. During her leisure time, Pearl enjoys giving back to her community and spending time with her family and friends.

Lara Woodard

Office Manager

Lara Woodard is an experienced professional with over a decade of medical and administrative experience. She joined our team in 2018 as an office assistant and quickly grew as a quality employee. Providing excellent leadership and customer service has always been an important part of Lara’s job. As the Office Manager and the “Go to” person, Lara is responsible for the overall coordination of a broad range of services/ resources that allow the company to operate effectively and efficiently.  During her leisure time, Lara is a dedicated mother and grandmother. She and her family love spending time in Florida’s soft sands, clear beaches, and warm sun.


Lindsay Fryar

Billing Specialist

As the Billing Specialist for Florry Creative Care, I’m passionate about ensuring the highest quality of work from myself and team members. Whether I’m assisting with caregivers, case workers or clients, quality and satisfaction of service is my specialty. As a mom of five children and two great Danes spending time with my family is my greatest joy.

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