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In-Home Care

Designed for seniors who enjoy the comforts of their home but require additional assistance in their day-to-day routines. Services include bathing, grooming, medication management, companionship, and can be individually tailored to your loved one’s needs.

The Florry House

The Florry House is an assisted living facility that allows your loved ones to experience a sense of community while providing care around the clock. Staffed by registered nurses and experienced caregivers, The Florry House provides comprehensive care to all of its residents every day.

Coventry Assisted Living

A welcoming environment accompanied by the pleasures of living at home are staples of Coventry Assisted Living. Residents enjoy the benefits of an assisted living facility, with the comforts that they’ve come to know and love from their family homes.

Corporate Office

Our dedicated team’s home base. Our corporate office is the headquarters for our administrative staff and is the focal point for the professional quality and organization our company offers to families in Plant City, Florida and surrounding communities.

What is In-Home Care?

In-home care services are intended for seniors who wish to remain in their home and receive visits from a designated caregiver. Senior home care services are ideal for older adults that want to build a relationship with a dedicated caregiver and enjoy living in the comfort of their own home!

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities are live-in communities that are designed to provide seniors with essential care services 24 hours a day. Assisted living services are ideal for seniors who don't have a designated caregiver at home or are looking to experience a sense of community with the other residents at the community.

Which Care Plan is Right For my Loved One?

If you're unsure of whether your loved one needs in-home care or an assisted living facility, our team can help! By contacting us, our team will be able to perform an evaluation and recommendations that ensure your loved one is cared for properly.

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